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Center for Disease Control Issues Alert on CRE

Center for Disease Control Issues Alert on CRE

Thursday, October 10, 2013


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PURE ® Disinfectant Fights Spread of the Deadly Bacteria CRE

In the wake of the CDC’s recent announcement of antibiotic-resistant germs, Clearly Better Solutions announced that their PURE® Disinfectant and Sanitizer controls the spread of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

ST. LOUIS, MO (September 24, 2013) -   The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has produced a compilation of the burden and threats posed by antibiotic-resistant germs that have the most impact on human health.  Topping the list of antibiotic resistant bacteria is carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE), rated as an “urgent” threat and considered an immediate public health threat that requires urgent and aggressive action.

According to Tony Pugh – McClatchy Newspapers, in an article dated March 5, 2013, ( citing Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, “CRE has become resistant to nearly all antibiotics and has become known as the “nightmare bacteria” because of its high mortality rate”. 

The CDC estimates 9,000 people are infected by CRE and over 600 die each year as a result of CRE infections.  Those living in long-term or complex medical care facilities and nursing homes are at a higher risk of developing CRE infections.

The CDC asserts that an important step that needs to be taken to combat CRE is preventing infection and the spread of disease.  When used as directed PURE ™ Hard Surface Disinfectant kills CRE.  Refer to label of your current disinfectant for CRE claims. Areas of application for PURE ™ include homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, schools, hotels, restrooms, recreational facilities, and public transport vehicles.

“We are especially lucky to have PURE available to fight CRE and numerous other bacteria and viruses and PURE Disinfectant and Sanitizer can even be used on food contact surfaces,” said Jim Epstein, President of Clearly Better Solutions.  “Our task now is to quickly get it into as many high-risk environments as possible”.

About Clearly Better Solutions:

Clearly Better Solutions is the latest venture of the innovative team at Intercon Chemical Company, St. Louis, MO.  Consumers not familiar with Intercon will be familiar with the “Intercon Inside” chemical formulations created for leading cleaning product brand successes including Method Home Care and Swisher Hygiene.   Clearly Better Solutions brand products and programs are designed to bring breakthrough technologies to market in cleaning, disinfection, sanitization, skin care, air treatment and odor control.  The company’s mission is “to deliver innovative, customer friendly and environmentally responsible solutions that solve problems not adequately addressed by current options.”  Clearly Better Solutions offers programs under its Smart Drains, Smart Floors, Smart Air, Clearly Better Scents and Clearly Better Medical brands. More information is available at


Refer to PURE label for organism kill times.